Primary Care Physicians

As a primary care physician (PCP) you are the first line of medical defense for millions of patients entering the healthcare system with gastrointestinal ailments and symptoms of chronic stomach conditions. Your patients count on you to treat, manage, recommend steps to help them improve their health, and refer them to qualified specialists when appropriate.

At CDI, we appreciate the value of patient-centered medicine and a PCP’s role in helping patients get an early diagnosis leading to expedited therapy and better clinical outcomes. We are committed to empowering you with the most reliable, simplest, and highest quality diagnostic tools to help you identify some of the most common gastrointestinal disorders that patients may walk into your practice with.

Our team has decades of combined experience in offering hydrogen and methane breath testing products, services, and solutions for diagnosing small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and other carbohydrate malabsorption disorders to providers and patients at an affordable cost, putting the patient first and allowing them to take the tests in the comfort of their own homes. This alleviates the burden on the patient’s schedule, and frees up valuable resources in your practice. Working with CDI’s breath testing portfolio, supported by our newly constructed state-of-the-art laboratory in Salem, Massachusetts, places your practice and your patients at the forefront of accessible and dependable functional gastrointestinal diagnostics.

CDI also offers a first-of-its-kind proprietary blood test for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D/M) commercially available in international markets as IBSchek®. Millions of patients afflicted with irritable bowel syndrome can now be diagnosed quickly and accurately with this simple blood test.

The American healthcare system is quickly shifting to value based reimbursement and is putting PCPs at the forefront of these determinations. Healthcare costs are lower when patients have a PCP overseeing their care and coordinating test procedures and follow-up care. Our products and services will not only assist your diagnostic, treatment, and patient management decisions, but will also empower your patients with test results and treatment options prior to specialist visits, and in some circumstances eliminate the need for a referral altogether.