Clinical Trials

One of the driving forces at CDI is our company-wide desire to contribute to ongoing research and development activities relating to the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of functional gastrointestinal disorders. Using our state-of-the-art laboratory in Salem, Massachusetts, and expertise in clinical trial management utilizing our diagnostic methods, our clinical team has been able to realize this goal by participating in trials with various sponsors throughout the years.

Our laboratory management team has had extensive experience in establishing and developing analytical methods and protocols specific to clinical trials to accommodate both small and large-scale studies while maintaining all regulatory requirements. CDI has constructed a well-rounded team of experienced biochemical and analytical scientists with capabilities in fulfilling the critical requests of sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CRO). This allows our team to quickly adapt our focus from diagnostics and to provide management skills while participating in an FDA clinical trial atmosphere. Our laboratory staff has prior experience successfully participating in Phase II and Phase III clinical trials working with pharmaceutical sponsors and their CROs to deliver data in a highly accurate, traceable, and timely manner. Our company understands and has demonstrated the ability to help sponsors, contract research organizations, and principal investigators to reach successful outcomes of clinical trials and research studies.

Our company has been expanding our corporate partnerships to enhance our contribution to global GI research. In order to help these efforts, CDI has formed a joint venture with a partner in the United Kingdom, Functional Gut Diagnostics. Functional Gut Diagnostics will function as an extension of CDI for gastrointestinal diagnostics and clinical trials in Europe and, through this exciting new partnership, our contract research capabilities will continue to grow extensively.